Meet our Financial Advisors | Cardinal Hill Wealth Management in Raleigh, NC

Jessie Harris, CFP®

Partner, Financial Planner

I have spent most of my career in “corporate America.” They spend a lot of time talking about doing what is best for folks, but at the end of the day, they are doing what is best for themselves. This is the reason I started Cardinal Hill; I want to do things differently.

I am a CFP® professional, who sees myself as a steward of your dreams and wealth. I enjoy helping retirees and pre-retirees live stress-free.

During my non-working hours, I spend time with my family. My wife, Niki, and I have four kids named August, Addy, Josie, and Wrenn. Niki & I love to travel; she likes the beach and l like the mountains. I love coaching my children’s sports teams, whether it is football, basketball, or soccer. Since attending and graduating from the University of Texas A&M, I’ve become an avid Aggie sports fan. I also enjoy working out and collecting bourbon.

I really look forward to meeting you.

Robert Hill, PhD

Partner, Investment Coordinator

I am a PhD graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Strategy & Entrepreneurship department. My research focuses on entrepreneurship and social change. My dissertation examines how a leading prison training program reduces recidivism and spurs job creation through entrepreneurial training. I am fascinated with entrepreneurship and plan to stay connected to the entrepreneurial community for the rest of my life.

I discovered my passion for investing and financial planning when I tried to understand my company 401(k) plan at my first job, which happened to be a life insurance company. Ever since that point, I have researched investing and have fascinated my family and friends over the dinner table with extensive discussions about the finer points of optimizing taxes, developing an estate plan, and related subjects. I realize I am a massive nerd, but I love to help people. I believe that financial planning is as much about helping people discover their dreams for the future as it is about optimizing investment portfolios. 

I have a BBA in managing information technology and an MBA with a finance focus from Baylor University. I spend my non-working time with my wife, Jenny, pondering how to help our two girls achieve their dreams of becoming ballerina veterinarians who research dinosaurs.

Brooke Phillips

Client Specialist

I have worked with Jessie since 2016. While we have completed numerous transactions and have built plans to help people pursue their financial success, the baseline of our business every day has always been building personal relationships. A primary need for us as humans is relationships with others: to be known, to be seen, to be heard, to be supported. It is my delight to hear and share life stories as I function in my administrative role. You could say that I am the head of client advocacy at Cardinal Hill. I often advocate on behalf of clients as we work together to process an estate, consolidate assets, process a rollover, or handle other financial needs. Large financial institutions do not make it easy for people to understand paperwork or processes, nor do they make it easy to communicate with a representative to obtain understanding. We have built our business to be accessible. We are our clients’ biggest advocates, and this often extends well beyond the realm of finance.

My husband, Cole, and I are raising two sons. Elijah is 5-years-old and Isaiah is 3-years-old. We love walking trails around the Raleigh/Durham area, baking homemade treats like chocolate chip cookies and making homemade pizza on Friday nights. My husband and I enjoy artisan coffee as well as creating (and consuming) delicious meals. We also like to run and ride bikes!

I look forward to getting to know you.